Sensor Activity Misbehaving

Hi all -

Perplexed here… I have a sensor activity rule setup that turns on a small lamp in the foyer when the staircase motion detector ‘sees’ motion between 11:30pm and 7:30am. This has worked perfect for months. I have the rule set to turn the lamp off after 10minutes.

In the last week, when the motion detector triggers the lamp to come on, the lamp does come on, but goes right back off - literally seconds later.

To troubleshoot, I have:
-Changed the ‘time off’ on the rule
-Completely deleted the rule; waited ~10mins; and added a brand new rule
-Enabled the rule to work ‘any time’ (for testing)

Regardless of the above, the odd behavior still exists.

Any ideas/thoughts?!

As add’l FYI - I have attached my rule.

Thanks all,

That obviously seems incorrect. I’m not aware of any changes that would make that happen. Can you ask your ADC service provider to resend your rules to your panel? Maybe rules stored in the panel somehow got in a bad state?

Hi - thanks for the reply. I will definitely call them and see if I can convince them to resend my rules.

For further testing fun, I switched lamp modules to rule out any issues. Same behavior.
I thought it may be something with the motion sensor, so I switched to another one in my home, same behavior.
I have a light in the garage that comes on when the house door is opened. It is set to come on the door is open and then to go off 2 min after the door closes. It, too, is misbehaving.

So… As a last test, I changed the rule to stay on indefinitely once triggered. Guess what - the lights stay on.

Definitely something to do with the panels ability to “countdown” a true specified amount of time.

More to come.
Thanks all.

An update… I called Guardian (my dealer, unfortunately). They were clueless (no surprise). I pushed for contact info to ADC. The “tech support” number they gave me is for dealers only, however, ADC was awesome and assisted.

After a few steps of verifying that I was really “me”, they were able to troubleshoot a few things. They essentially “rebooted” my ADC panel - not sure if they reinstalled any firmware, refreshed my rules, etc., but everything is working perfectly now.

Appreciate the help. I have another question, but will start a new topic :slight_smile: