Sensor 2201 Offline - But there is none

The activity log has a ! item that said ‘Sensor 2201 offline’. This message appears in the activity logs for both of my sites. But neither site has a sensor named 2201, or a sensor by any name that is shown as offline.

We were in the process of upgrading two cell phones, and as a result got messages like ‘haven’t communicated with xxx in 24 hours’, but they cleared up when I got the device list updated. And I’ve had those before when in weak cell signal areas for a long time.

I mention that only in case it has something to do with ‘sensor 2201’. Got an idea what that’s referring to?

Thanks in advance.

That is referencing a Geo-Services device (a phone with geo-services enabled)

It looks like that Geo device was removed earlier today. It would be related to your phone upgrade

Ah! OK, that makes sense. The ‘error’ with the phone mentioned the geo fence, but didn’t include any phrase with 2201. I need to check out the geo fence setup overall. I’m not sure I ever had that set up properly. (Although I didn’t get error messaged either.)

Thanks Jason.