SEM300 delaying/not sending messages to

I purchased a brand new ADC-SEM300-VT-VZ-M in January to use alongside my Vista 20P and it’s been working great until a couple of months ago, where it stopped sending updates to the app.

I’ve ran a cell phone test, where I’ll rarely see the test being reflected in the activity section of the app. Most of the time it will either not show up at all, or will be extremely delayed by ~5-10 minutes.

I noticed that every few minutes, the Trouble LED on the SEM module starts blinking 6 times, and the manual just mentions this as the reason:

This indicates an error only if it persists for more than a minute. Otherwise, it’s an indication that the module is resolving an unusual condition regarding communication with the cellular network

I have power cycled the entire alarm system, and verified no connections have changed. I also verified the Vista system in my home is working fine, and that it reflects various zones open as soon as I trigger them. I also called the central station to see if they were receiving any signals when I open/close doors and windows, and they were not.

I’m thinking the SEM module went bad since nothing changed in the home. However, suggests that I warranty claim anything through my provider, which I can’t do since it was a self-install.

Any other tips you can provide me?

Are you able to control the system remotely through at all?

Pings to the module are currently resolving and the module is reporting a 2/6 signal strength. This is the bare minimum for successful communication via cellular.

Where is the SEM located and are the module antenna touching each other or any other wiring/metal? Are the antenna firmly connected to the SEM?