See temperature in remote rooms, maybe trigger alarm?

Hi all, I have Qolsys. 2 panel and t2000 thermostats. I want to be able to monitor the temperature in my unfinished basement/crawl space and unfinished attic. I would like to primarily see the temperature of these areas. I know qolsys has a temp monitor that triggers alarm at 40 and 100 degrees. Does it let you see the temperature during normal temp? If so, that’s my solution. If not, I am thinking of getting the s2000-t-RB. It seems like that lets you see the temp, but not sure if it has an alarm triggered at bad temps and I don’t really want it to actually turn on/off the hvac.

So to sum it up… I primarily want to be able to see the temp in remote locations, secondarily trigger an alarm if bad temps are reached, don’t want it to actually control the HVAC, if it can, that is ok, as long as I set to not actually do it.

Any info/help is appreciated!

Looks like you have an IQ Panel 2 non-PowerG version.

The S2000-T-RB is probably what you want. It will provide current temperature readings you can view in ADC, and you can set up notifications for it in ADC where you get notified if it hits a high or low threshold.

The S2000-T-RB would not affect the HVAC unless you set it to be the temperature reading source for the thermostat.

It would not generate alarms at the panel. You would need a Qolsys/GE temp sensor for that purpose.