SecurityRF receiver jammed

Yesterday evening I started getting alerts that the security rf receiver is jammed. My panel has been up for a few weeks and this just began. I’ve had 13 events in the last 24 hrs, most lasting a few minutes before its restored. Any thoughts? Also, can I turn this off while I troubleshoot the issue?

I turned off RF Jam Detection per your request as a temporary measure so it doesn’t drive you crazy. We’ll work with you to troubleshoot and get it figured out. We’ll want to get this turned back on ASAP.

Thanks, just tell me what to do to troubleshoot.

Alright, I have received some word from Qolsys directly on this issue. They have looked into the panel logs and they say it is likely that interference is occurring in some way, but that the RF Jam detection is excessively sensitive in 1.4.2 firmware. The next firmware release will be adding a selectable sensitivity level for this.

Thanks for the update. What kind of things could be causing interference? I assume cell phones and wifi access points wouldn’t do it. Maybe a cordless phone?

Cordless phones might transmit at 900 mhz near Zwave band, but not 319 sensor radio. I’ll see if Qolsys can suggest a few possible sources. There are a lot of different possibilities that could be construed as jamming, and considering you are only seeing it for a couple minutes at a time randomly, Qolsys presumes it is errant.

So, if someone jams my alarm signal it will issue a trouble alert. What happens in the mean time while the bad guys are rummaging through my elustrous mansion? A trouble alert is just a local alert on the CP to bring this to the owner’s attention, right?

trouble alert is just a local alert on the CP to bring this to the owner’s attention, right?

This thread is for the Qolsys panel RF jamming. You have 2GIG, right?

I suspect it may alarm system if panel is armed (dunno for sure though), but then again it may just trigger a trouble alert if RF jamming is enabled.

In any event the trouble alert will create an alert notification and if system alerts are setup on ADC, this will trigger an email that jamming has been detected.