Securing Screens - 1 sensor 2 contacts possible?

I have a 2gig system.

I currently am having my windows redone and there is space to the outside of my house as the windows are out… I currently have 2Gig thin window contacts.

These contacts have the ability to use an external input. I think when you use them normally you use loop 1, when you use the external input you use loop 2.

Could I use loop 2 and an external magnet on the loop 2 on my existing contacts so that my loop one is functional for the window and loop 2 is functional at the same time so that I can put contacts on the screen doors causing them to go off if someone should remove them?

Or would I have to buy 2 sensors per screened window?

If I can do it with 1 sensor, where can I buy the external input wires along with the magnets (I assume I need a set) as I have thrown away all those wires when I first installed my system years ago.

I am also open to anyone with suggestions on a better way to arm the screens knowing they are subject to outdoor weather.

You can use the same sensor for both. Loop 1 is the external sensor input and loop 2 is the built-in magnetic reed switch. The wire for the external sensor input is a little pigtail that plugs into the 2GIG-DW10-345. It would have come in the box with your sensor. If you no longer have it then it shouldn’t be too hard to find one. Most people don’t use them and they usually just get thrown away.