Securing Pole Barn

I’ve been considering options on how I might secure my pole barn and have come dry, so I wanted to get your expert opinions. The situation is this: 2000 sq ft plot barn about 100 ft away from the house. It has two big sliding doors, a normal door, and a couple windows. Our central panel is a 2GIG GoControl. It seems like the barn is too far away for the normal 2GIG sensors (I haven’t tried). Even if they could reach, the whole thing is unheated so any sensors would need to be specced to survive sub-freezing temps. I’m also not convinced I can rig up magnetic sensors on the big sliding doors, because they are old and a little loose and do not close in a precise way. I considered motion sensors but birds sometimes get in there and it seems like they would set them off.

Any ideas or am I just out of luck here?

Use a resolution repeater for range, but temp wise you may be SOL

If you have the wireless range, another idea is IP cameras…oudoor ADC-V20W, (or a PoE V720) or inside pan/tilts or infared V520IR set to VMD. The cameras are good for -4° F

Thanks for the response. Cameras are not a bad idea - right now the barn has no power, but I am planning to add power and ethernet at some point. As I understand it, I could have the camera notify me on motion and then I could check the video to see if it is an intruder or a bird - if that right? Can (or should) the central station be notified on video motion detection?

The ADC-V720 PoE doesn’t need WiFi or power at camera location…just run the Ethernet to house (bury it), and power it there.

VMD takes video of any motion and sends notifications or clips to you via email/alerts

Cameras do not initiate alarm events (except for Image Sensors), central station thus isn’t notified of video capture events.

If you receive notification of motion detection/video of intruder you will have to contact authorities yourself.

With the exception of the PIR motion/Infared Image Sensor, Cameras are not integrated into the 2GIG panel at this time.

As far as alarm-protecting the barn goes, you’re best bet might be to run buried cable to the house and attach large wired contacts to the doors. Each contact is rated with a maximum gap between the sensor and magnet so if the doors are loose then a larger maximum gap would be better.

The down side of using the same 2GIG system for home and barn is that until 2GIG finally releases a firmware that supports multiple partitions you couldn’t arm the barn without also arming the home.

Rive’s PoE camera idea is a good one, 100ft should be fine for PoE.

Thanks Ryan, that sounds like the long term solution. 1) What are these large wired contacts, and where can I buy them? 2) What kind of wire am I running underground here? 3) How do I connect multiple wired sensors to the GoControl?

We’ve used a lot of GRI sensors and they work well.

If you scroll down to Commercial and Industrial Switch Sets there are some contacts with large max gaps. Here is a list of places they can be purchased.

At that distance you could probably use direct burial cat5 which would support 4 sensors per cable, 1 on each pair. The bigger the gauge the better for longer distances but if it’s only 100 feet then cat5 should work for sensors. You can connect them to a super switch takeover module back at your house. Or the Resolution Products RE208 works well since it uses AA backup batteries and doesn’t need an alarm panel backup battery.