secondary 'indicator' panel

I did some searching in the forums, and I’m sorry if this has already been discussed and I couldn’t find it, but I’m looking for suggestions for a secondary “panel” that indicates if my alarm is armed.

I have a walk-out basement that I use to let me dogs into the back yard. The problem is that this door is so far away from my panel that I often forget that my alarm is armed, and I keep setting it off.

It is easy enough to disarm the system from my phone, so I basically need a light that would indicate “the alarm is armed!! Don’t just walk out this door” being able to simply disarm from this location would be a nice bonus, but the indicator of alarm armed or disarmed status is the crucial component.

EDIT–looking for something cheaper than a TS1


A TS1 secondary keypad is your best option.

There is a previous question regarding this topic found here.

If you are not using it for other purposes, the open collector output of the GoControl Panel can be programmed to follow armed status. This would give you the ability to use it as a relay to power say a 12VDC LED blub, but this would require wiring run from the GoControl to the area where you need the indicator.

If it is easy to get wire to the location you need, it could be pretty inexpensive to go this route.

Ok thanks for the reply. Maybe I will just spring for the TS1.


You can get killer deals on the TS1 on eBay (half price).