second login vs user

I will be adding a a couple people tomorrow. They are tenants. ADC has a tab saying second login. also a tab saying add new user. whats the difference? also will they have there own verbal pass code and distress word? or use mine?

Set them up under the Security tab in the user section. Make sure to turn on the “lock” symbol and then you can add their codes.

As for the verbal passwords, I would assume you need to send an email or chat with customer service and set them up as additional emergency contacts and give them their own verbal password. I wouldn’t give them your master password.

You have to remember anyone you setup on ADC isn’t added to your monitoring station contact list.

A login to gives them access to the App and remote features. You can choose to give a custom level of access and limit what the login can do. (Remote arm/disarm, manage user codes, Video access, etc.)

A user is a named user of the physical system that you can give access to local arming/disarming via a 4-digit pin code.

The above post is correct. To add individuals to your Central Station contact list to be called in the event of an alarm, please email or use our Website Live Chat.

Thanks. Getting all of that settled out right now. I noticed ADC has a mobiletech app along with the regular app. Is this beneficial to me since I am in a different state? and how do I log onto it. My normal suretydiy username isn’t recognized.

The mobiletech app is for alarm installers. You have to work for a company that installs systems to use it.