Schlage Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock issues

Recently added a Schlage Connect Z-Wave deadbolt to my system. Control for the most part works (although status can be lagging or not accurate without a refresh or two). However I am trying to push user codes out from the site to my lock. The Admin user code works but the other user codes don’t. The site just seems stuck saying “Synchronizing.” What might be the issue?

Well it looks like it paired successfully based on what I see in, but it looks like you only have one other device, so communication may be having range issues.

How far is that lock from the panel? How far away was it when pairing?

Also, check the number of digits your Schlage lock is set to use. Because of the way Schlage’s values are set, ADC can only support 4 digit codes. If you have the lock programmed to use other lengths syncing will always fail.

See here for more info.

It looks like it began working with other user codes when I tested a few hours later. I’m guessing there’s some sort of sync delay issue that took over an hour to self-resolve.

The lock itself has a direct line of sight to the panel about 10-15 ft away. When I did some of the built-in Z-Wave comm testing, it shows excellent signal strength and a direct route between panel and lock.

There is usually about a 5-minute expected delay between each code sent and when they are active, per code. If you send a lot at once it may take a little while. An hour or two is odd, but it may have just been a signalling hiccup.

Can you take a look at my settings? For some reason my lock is always showing out of synchronization even though my codes seem to work, and refreshing doesn’t really seem to help.

Do you mean you are seeing an error message stating out of sync somewhere, or that the locks status isn’t reporting correctly in or at the panel?

I have sent some commands, let us know if the issue is resolved. IF not, you may need to remove the lock from the network, re-add to the network (bringing the panel within 6 feet of the lock for about 5 minutes after adding) and then running a Z-Wave Network Rediscovery once all devices are installed.

This is the message I tend to see - I can try removing and readding the lock. I also just added two more locks so I’ll wait and see if this problem manifests on the other two as well.

Just removed/readded the Front Door and now the app is complaining about the Back Door for all users. Not exactly sure what to try next.

Have you added any codes locally at the lock itself? This can disrupt the user code slot numbers in some cases. I think you will want to factory reset those locks. After removing and factory resetting them, ensure that they are programmed to accept four digit codes before learning them back into the panel.

I haven’t added any codes at the lock - in fact they’re brand new straight out of the box.

I did do a clear via Z-Wave before adding them, so I’m not totally sure what’s going on.

Can you check the manufacture date code on the locks? When were they manufactured?

Not sure if this gives any indication? All of these locks were purchased In November a couple months ago. image|374x500

The sticker I would be looking for would be on the lock itself. Likely inside, maybe in the battery housing.

Just checked all the lock manuals. The 9/12/20 on the sticker was actually the build date for that one.

All are running firmware 0.11.0 with build dates of 9/12/20, 9/29/20, and 10/1/20.

I can private message the full stickers if needed.

Thank you for confirming the dates, those should be fine. There is an updated firmware version which resolves some Z-wave lock issues. Can you try updating to 2.5.4 and see if you notice a difference here?

Sounds good - Upgrading now! Will this lock me to that particular version, or will updates still get pushed out to me as they are released?

That is the latest version currently. Future upgrades can be applied.

Just wanted to give an update that the locks are now working perfectly with the new firmware (properly reporting status including immediate push notifications when their state changes). However I’m still getting errors in my app about codes for certain users being out of synchronization although they still seem to work. What’s an easy way to fix that?

Well if all else is working as expected, you may be able to delete and recreate the codes and access to the lock to resolve out of sync errors. Wait about 10 minutes in between deleting the codes and recreating. Any luck with that after the firmware update?