Schlage locks

I have a 2gig with 3 Schlage locks. Problem is with arming with automation, this occur when changing
battery’s in all three. The problem is with the lock closest to the alarm panel, 6 feet away. No issues
for 4 years. When arming stay on panel automation will lock all three locks. When using app on android
phone, Will only lock 2 doors, and app says 2 locks. All 3 locks show on phone, but will only automate
2 of them. I must manually lock with app. I have reprogrammed lock and rediscovered, with no luck.

To confirm, has this always occurred (only acknowledging 2 locks when automating Army Stay command) or just since changing the batteries? Which Node ID is the Lock that wont receive the command?

Does this occur with the Automation command for Arm Away as well or just Arm Stay?

It happens with any automation lock command from phone. Panel will automation lock all lock with any command. Back door wont receive from phone unless done manually.

To better pin down the issue, what is the make model of the lock affected? Is this the same as the other locks?

How far between the lock and the panel?

Does the automation rule work appropriately from the website?

Something to also test, remove the backdoor lock from the current Automation rule, and create a new rule based on the same parameters but with just the back door lock and try that automation rule from the phone app. Any change?

Schlage FE469 all 3 locks, panel 5 to 6 feet from lock that wont automate with android. yes automation works with website. will try new automation rule.

Tried new rule, same as before. Uninstalled and reinstalled android app, same, as some as I hit the stay or away
app shows just 2 door locking. I did notice on the come app, the 2 locks show up as devices. The 3 lock
does not show up as a device ?

app shows just 2 door locking. I did notice on the come app, the 2 locks show up as devices. The 3 lock does not show up as a device ?

In the mobile app under locks, the third lock does not show up under locks?

Commands appear to be processing slower at this lock then the other two. This lock was working just fine prior to replacing the batteries is that correct? How old (what is the date code) on the batteries in question? Are you able to test them, they may be under powered.

That or the mesh network is not strong enough. How far from the lock to the next powered repeating node (not a lock)?

All batteries were replaced at the same time from the same box just a few months ago, batteries test fine.
On android app. all locks show under locks. I can manually lock #3 this way. It will not lock under automation,
as it does not show. a small window pops up saying what scene automation and how many locks its locking, just
show 1 and 2 , not 3.

Sorry, lock was fine before replacing battery. Its about 25 foot from power repeater, but only 5 to six feet from
2gig panel.

I think there may be two separate issues regarding this.

The original issue was likely resolved by removing and relearning the lock into the panel. However, note that this will clear the lock from all automation and rules. A new instance of the lock with a new node id will be in and must be added to rules.

Looking at your scenes, the back door lock does not appear to be selected for any of them.

Log into and navigate to Automation > Scenes. Edit a scene and select what action you would like to take at the lock.

Thanks Jason. You are right, I didn’t know you had to go into scenes to set this up. I believe before you only
had to set up rules ? I did reinstall lock with new node. Will try now. thanks

I just check my android phone and sure enough !!! Shows all 3 locks locking, not 2.
Why couldn’t I find any information regarding programing scenes ? What did I miss ?
Thanks again!! John

Happy to help! Scenes are separate from Rules. Automation rules rely on triggers like system activity.

Scenes are manually triggered via the app or home screen widget. The scene lets you set custom reactions for all your devices with one button press, and does not rely on rules to activate.

While logged into you can click the help icon on any page for helpful tips and documentation.