Schlage Lock sounds and lights

After pairing my Schlage Connect Z-Wave locks with my Qolsys IQ+ all the button sounds and lights have disappeared. I’m managing the codes via Qolsys/

How do I re-enable the sounds and lights on the locks? My kids are having trouble entering their codes now because they don’t think the buttons are working.

Additionally, the Lock & Leave feature has been disabled and you now have to enter the user code after hitting the schlage button to lock the doors.

What is the model number of the lock you are using?

They’re both Schlage BE469ZP

The manual said not to program the locks directly, so I’m not sure if I am able to enable the sounds and lock & leave myself without breaking anything.

So those features cannot be modified through the IQ Panel, but you can definitely change them at the lock itself. Here is a manual with programming steps starting at page 6. Changing these on-board parameters shouldn’t impact functionality at all. Which manual suggested you shouldn’t program the lock manually?

In general you shouldn’t add user codes manually at the lock. Those should be added through to make sure everything syncs appropriately.