Schlage lock problems

I would like you to update my panels firmware to the latest version. I’m having issues with my 2014 Schlage BE469 lock malfunctioning. I’m hoping that updating my panels will resolve the lock issue.

Currently I have the lock disconnected from my system.

We typically advise to update firmware locally, as it is then a quick process that is in your control and you can update for free whenever new versions are released. If interested, all you would need is a PC and an update cable.

Over the air updates take a long time due to the amount of data transfer and can be interrupted if power is lost to the panel or communication is dropped. While this is rare, an error of this type is commonly impossible to fix.

That said, if you would still prefer an over the air update, you will want to make sure your panel is out of programming mode, is currently powered and communicating, and will remain powered and untouched for a number of hours. (I would recommend a full 12 hours, but they are typically complete in around 2.) OTA updates incur a $15 one time data fee. When you are ready for it to be initiated, you can live chat in or email during business hours to get the process started, otherwise it will be performed the next business day.

To address the lock concern, what issues have you been noticing?