Schlage Lock not showing on

I have a new Schlage BE468 Zwave Lock and I have a 2gig GC2, 2Gig TS1, and a wireless pad. I have been programming just on the GC2. I have paired the lock within 3 feet of each other. I can unlock the lock from the panel, so I believe communication is working correctly. This lock will not show up on the website/app. GC2 and TS1 are running 1.13 Production Firmware. I have removed the lock from Zwave and reset the lock to factory settings, then added again. Zwave (79) setting is panel enabled and remote access is enabled does show the Lock under devices as a Z-Wave lock. So it is part way there, but I do not have any options to enable access to use the lock for individual users, or the ability to lock or unlock it from the website. (I have installed 2 Schlage locks previously on a different system without issue) I feel like it is something simple but glaring I am missing.

This does not appear to be related to a account correct?

Is remote control of Z-Wave devices enabled under the associated account? I would be unable to speak to the policies/plans of another provider but Remote control of Z-wave functionality is a good starting point.

As i recall that lock is compatible both with the GC2 and ADC. The firmware on the panel is out of date, the most recent firmware is 1.19.1 and I would recommend upgrading.

When learning in, its best to have the lock and panel be within 6 ft of one another. After the initial pairing process its also advised to allow about five minutes for the secure enrollment process to succeed.

If remote control is enabled and the z-wave device is learning in correctly (and passing secure enrollment) I would attempt a cellular module test. Oftentimes this can help push a panel sync.

Thanks for your help, no I don’t have an account with you, but your forums are one of the best and I thought let’s give it a shot. I assumed there might be a setting on the service provider’s side that I can’t see. I need to check into your service because you have been more than helpful!

We’re happy to help out! Out of curiosity how long have you waited to see if the device populates in ADC? If you do have access to locks in your service plan you may just need to have the service provider run an equipment update request for your Z-wave devices. At times the info from the panel is not sent in a timely fashion to ADC and an equipment command needs to be run.

If you are interested in our service, this page goes over how to get started with suretyDIY with an existing Go!Control Panel.

The system was installed 11 years ago, so Z-Wave might not have been an option. They are going to take a look, especially on the side of things. Well installing I wanted a good 5-7 minutes when paring, and it has been overnight since I stopped messing with it. So not even 24 hours. It does see the lock in devices on the site. I did do a cell phone test to try and push it. Thanks for the link, I’ll take a look.