Schlage Lock does not notify

Thank you to the Surety team for getting ADC to resolve the Schlage lock issue. It works now and I am confident that if Surety didn’t push, it would not have happened.

The issue now is that the lock does not send out notifications as it once did. So I have a rule to set the Schlage lock to disarm my panel and to also notify me via SMS when certain users disarm. It doesn’t do it and it did at one time.

ADC will most likely tell you its not their issue just like the issue they just resolved (turned out it was their issue).

Also the failed access notification does not work either for the lock.

Could you please get on them about this notification issue?

There may indeed be a residual issue concerning the lock, that is possible, but given what you are describing I would first strongly suggest local troubleshooting. The automatic disarm feature, if I recall correctly, is a 100% locally executed rule.

I would first suggest running a network rediscovery and check network to verify there are no hidden communication issues within the Zwave network, then delete and recreate the rules in ADC to resend them to the panel.


This feature used to work fine consistently. My network is intact and if it were not, the lock would not show up on the panel. I have added and deleted users already to rule that out. I have recreated rules per your suggestion with the same results.

ADC is aware of this issue but like the Schlage lock issue they just fixed, they try to give excuses that don’t logically make sense, only to fix it “eventually” and have to eat their words.

If you could push them, I would appreciate it.

I would think that having the lock notify you when certain users get home is the MAIN reason to have this type of lock.

The issue now is that the lock does not send out notifications as it once did. So I have a rule to set the Schlage lock to disarm my panel and to also notify me via SMS when certain users disarm. It doesn't do it and it did at one time.

Just to be clear, your panel is being disarmed when you unlock, it’s just the notifications that don’t work. Right?

If so, can you confirm that ADC knows that the door was unlocked in the cases when you tested it? It would show up in your event history at those times.

In looking at your account, it appears that your lock notifications are set up so that you will be notified when specific users unlock the door but not when any “Any User” unlocks the door. In your event history, I don’t see any events where a specific user unlocked the door by entering a user code on the lock, I only see vanilla “Unlocked” events as if the door was unlocked with the key or from the inside with the thumb turn. When a user unlocks the with a user code the event should say “Unlocked by Joe Smith” or something like that. Your notifications as they are currently set up will not send a notification unless one of the users set up for notification on unlock actually enters their user code to unlock.

This is part of the issue. I am CERTAIN i entered a the user with this initials AC which is set up to notify me via the lock unlocking in and of itself and nothing. Also, if I enter random codes on the lock, it does not notify me of tampering.

Please try unlocking the lock with a specific user code. The one with initials AC is fine. Then look in the event history and let us know whether it says “Unlocked” or “Unlocked by AC”. That will tell us if ADC is being notified that it was unlocked by AC or if just getting a vanilla “Unlocked” event with no user specified from the 2GIG panel.

Just locked and unlocked with AC’s code 3 times (6 total times)

… so does your event history show “Unlocked” or “Unlocked by AC”?

no. just unlocked and locked with no name

It seems like maybe the 2GIG and ADC user codes are our of sync. Have you changed your user codes using the 2GIG panel instead of If user codes are changed directly using the 2GIG panel then they need to be re-synced with ADC so will know what your current user codes are.

I re-synced them just now so should now have the same users codes as your 2GIG panel. Can you try unlocking with a user code again and let me know if it shows in the event history that it was unlocked by that user instead of just “Unlocked”?

still does not show specific user AC and just says door unlocked. I got a notification, but only for panel disarmed and not unlocking of lock

At this point your lock will disarm your panel automatically and it can notify you when “Any User” unlocks the door, right? If so, can you enable a notification for when the door is unlocked by Any User as a work around until we can get this figured out?

I will double check all of that, but I would think that the fact that it does not notify me due to “tamper” (which would be any user) would indicate that there is once again a problem on ADC end. They are getting the signal, but their system is not sending out the notifications properly.

I am sure they are going to give you a thousand reasons why this is not the case only to eventually admit it is the case and fix it (like the lock issue they just fixed)

That may be. If so, then there are 2 problems with your lock. 1) ADC doesn’t know it was a particular user that unlocked the lock 2) ADC isn’t sending you notifications.

Let us know if enabling “Unlocked” notifications for “Any User” doesn’t work.

It sends a notification if I select ALL users unlock lock. This would suggest that ADC is not recognizing individual users as it once did.

I was searching for related information and found this topic from September.

It looks like you had an issue with notifications from regarding that BE369 lock in the past. Do you recall what the solution was for that? Just curious, the more information we have the better.

There is no solution except they say it is not their issue as usual. They said its somethng about the lock not sending the proper signal when you turn the deadbolt too fast or something like that.

Why does it work for all users but not specific ones?

I don’t believe the reasons they give to me because in most issues, it turns out to be their issue in the end.

As far as I can tell the notifications are working, the problem is doesn’t know that a particular user unlocked the door, it just knows the door was unlocked. Now the question is whether 2GIG isn’t properly sending that information or whether isn’t properly receiving it.

We need to remain objective here. Yes, has had problems but you also have updated your 2GIG firmware so multiple things have changed since it “worked” before. Hopefully it won’t be such a painful process tracking down the problem this time.

Any updates on this? It is super annoying having a notification sent whenever that door is unlocked. When you open it from the inside manually, it even counts that as unlocking and I get a notification.

Please push ADC for resolution on this.

Thank in advance

We should have an update for you within a couple days. We will be discussing this with ADC again today.