Schlage Lock - Communication Issues

Any recommendations for a Schlage Connect lock that is having communication issues? It works less than 25 percent of the time when I try to actuate it.

I have z wave switches on both sides (within a few feet) of it and they work beautifully every time. Based on this I don’t believe signal strength is an issue. At first I thought it was a signal strength issue so I added the switches adjacent to it to boost the signal. It didn’t really improve much after adding the switches.

Any recommendations for troubleshooting?

Does it work fine when physically entering a code?

How old is the Lock, what about its batteries?

To troubleshoot, bring the panel within 6 feet of the lock . Remove the lock from the network, then re-add it. Leave the lock within 6 feet of the panel for about 10 minutes after adding so the lock completes secure enrollment.

Afterwards, put everything back and run a Z-Wave network Rediscovery. Any change?

Steps on how to do all of the above can be found here:

The lock is brand new, key code works fine on the lock itself.

I ordered more than one. It turns out that this one was keyed incorrectly so I am going to return it anyways.

I installed the second one in the same location, labeled Test on my system. The second one installed works perfectly. It might be an issue with the lock itself and I am going to return it anyways due to the incorrect keying.

So the second lock initially worked fine. I actuated it a bunch of times and everything was good. Tried to actuate it again and it is not connecting now. I will try the steps outlined below.

Hi Tyler,

Still having issues with the lock. I have 3 z wave plus plug in repeating receptacles/switches within 10 feet of the lock. None of them at all have communication issues at all and all switch every time I actuate them. The lock (second lock) works less than 50 percent of the time (I would estimate 10 percent). Is there anything else that can be done to troubleshoot it? I was hoping to use the lock code to disarm my panel and also use the lock to manage access to my home (house cleaner, contractors, etc…) BUT with it not communicating properly I don’t think I am going to be able to do that.

The lock is SCHLAGE Connect BE469ZP (Z Wave Plus). When I add the lock to the network, it works 1 or 2 times each and every time then stops working. Hoping that there is something else I can try to get it working. Given that every other device, including 3 located within 10 feet of it work every time it is a bit perplexing. I purchased this lock due to negative reviews of Quickset locks. Any further advice would be much appreciated.

There are issues with S2 on Schlage locks on 6.81 Z-wave.

Looks like your panel is on 2.5.2.

Firmware version 2.5.4 should resolve these issues. Please be sure to update the firmware on your panel then test. Update instructions and release notes are found here.

Thanks Jason. Out of curiosity is there a way to auto install updates? I had this option checked on the panel but apparently it doesn’t work how I thought it would.

Due to the special iterative updates some of the last four updates have required, auto-updates may not perform as you would expect. Some updates require a specific prior version. Further updates I believe should resolve this and go back to being auto-update approved afaik. You can manually update to 2.5.4.