Schlage Front door Lock not updating to System

If I manually open my door then close it, my phone-app doesnt update with the new status and will display the door still open, i would then have to close the door in the app to get the app and door in sync…how can I fix/sync this to work properly where the door sends immediate update to its changed status? Thanks

To clarify, there is a difference between Open/Close and Lock/Unlock as far as status goes.

Locks do not report Open and Close. The Lock does not monitor the door’s position. The lock only provides Lock and Unlock status.

If you are referring to Open and Close statuses specifically, these are reported by the security door sensor. Note that if you open a door and close it quickly the status will take a moment to update in ADC, and it will not automatically update, you would need to refresh the app or webpage to see it.

Likewise if you are referring instead to Lock and Unlock status, if you Unlock a door manually, then check the status in ADC, the app and website will require a refresh to view the new status if you Lock the door.