Schlage FE599

I am trying to pair a schlage FE599 to a 2GIG panel running 1.10 firmware. When I try to pair the lock, I keep getting and error on the 2GIG stating “advanced door lock, inclusion incomplete”. Node: 13 id: 634b/504c. I’ve searched high and low and can’t find this error anywhere or any information.

Has anyone successfully paired this type of lock to the 2GIG panel? I have a motorized schlage lock already paired without issue.

Thanks for the help here!


How far away is the lock from the panel when you’re trying to pair it? Try pairing the lock with the panel while they’re within 6ft. of each other.

It’s about 3 ft from the panel. I tried a factory reset, removing, repairing. Resetting. Driving me nuts!

I just got off the phone with 2gig about your issue and they didn’t really have any suggestions. They said that model door lock should work the the Go Control Panel, although, it’s an older model lock (according to them) and they couldn’t say for certain.

Have you ever had this device enrolled in another Z-Wave controller before?

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3. The little wrench in the corner. (You will need your installer code)
4. Remove Devices
5. Perform the steps to “learn” the device into the control panel.
6. You should see a message pop up on the screen that says “A device has been removed from another network.”
7. Once all of your Z-Wave devices are removed from the old network, you will be able to add them to the new network you’re setting up.
8. After you’ve added all the devices to the new network, run a Network Rediscovery.

I had the device added to a homeseer 3 system awhile back. I removed it from the system completely, reset the lock to factory defaults and tried to add again. Still the same issue. The lock blinks green like it’s been added, but the panel still shows the same error after about 5 minutes.

Try learning in the lock and after the the device has been discovered by the panel, don’t touch the panel for about 8 minutes. According to 2GIG, this extra time will help the lock communicate all of the secure information to the Go Control Panel.

You should keep the lock within 12 inches of the panel for about 10 minutes so the panel can sync with the lock

Any luck getting the lock added to your system?

None what so ever. I tried all suggested above, and no luck.

Unfortunately, at this point I think we may be out of options. I would try using a different lock and seeing if you still run into any issue.