Schlage Encode

I received a low battery issue on one of my Schlage Encode locks so I replace the batteries and still receive the same issue.

I tested each battery with my multi-meter and they all report greater than 1.5v with a total reporting from the battery pack over 6v, yet is showing the Schlage reporting only 20% battery remaining.

Any ideas?

I am not seeing any low batteries on Schlage locks on your account. There is currently a low battery for the ADC-VDB780B doorbell, labeled Front Door.

Wow do I feel stupid. I named the Schlage lock and the Doorbell camera the same. Can I purchase an additional battery for this camera so I always have one running the camera? I didn’t see one in the store.


No worries, this is a common confusion between locks and door sensors as they are often named the same. I recommend to rename and add “Lock” or “Camera” to the end of the names for any duplicated ones so there is no question.

We do not stock them at this time, but the battery is available with the product id ADC-VDBA-780BAT