Schlage Encode lock linked but does not show as a managed device

Installed and setup a Schlage Encode door lock through Add Devices. Went smoothly, no errors. If i look at the manage devices list it is not listed and when i go to Add Device I see the message “Already Linked
Your account is already linked to Schlage.”.

How do i add the device to in order to lock and unlock the door?

What is the model number of the Lock you are working with?

I can see that the integration began, but that the lock is not fully paired with ADC. At this time we will want to start the process over. I have sent commands to remove the Schlage Encode pairing from the ADC account.

Provided the Encode lock is working remotely via the native app, wait about 5 minutes then login to the ADC account and restart the pairing process.

To integrate the Schlage Encode account using the Website:
  1. Log into the ADC Website.
  2. Click Settings .
  3. Click Manage Devices .
  4. Click Add Device .
  5. Click Locks .
  6. Click Schlage Encode .
  7. Click Next .
  8. Enter the Schlage Encode login credentials when prompted.
  9. Accept the terms and conditions and wait for the discovery process to complete.
To integrate the Schlage Encode account using the Mobile app:
  1. Log into the ADC app.
  2. Tap Menu
  3. Tap Add Device .
  4. Tap Locks .
  5. Tap Schlage Encode .
  6. Tap Next .
  7. Enter the Schlage Encode login credentials when prompted.
  8. Accept the terms and conditions and wait for the discovery process to complete.

The model according to lowes is
BE489WB V CAM 619

Hi. I performed these steps (confirmed Schlage credentials, went through discovery, device added successfully message), but it still does not show on the App when I go to locks. The message is “Lock control is available under your service plan, but no locks are currently associated with your system.”

To confirm, you can control the lock via the native schlage app correct?

Can you submit a picture of the Lock part number and box information? You can send this to us via Private Message

Yes, I am able to lock and unlock the door from within the Schlage Home app and within the Ring app. Attached are photos of the box showing the model number and a screenshot from the schlage home app showing the lock information.

Ok, let’s try relearning one more time, but this time use the alternate steps. So, if you used the app previously (sounds like that is what you did) please instead login via a computer web browser and try the steps.

It looks like your account is being linked successfully but the device sharing step is simply not completing.

Up to now I’ve been adding it through the web browser UI, so this time I tried adding it through the mobile app and the results were the same. It went through all the steps successfully but it is not listed as an added device.

Alright, I am not sure how nicely multiple integrations will play together with the Schlage Encode, I don’t think I have ever seen confirmation of it working through both Ring and ADC to my memory.

I have cleared the account link. Can you delete the Ring integration from your account, wait about 30 minutes, then try one more time in ADC as a test? Any change?

Still the same. Removed from ring app waited several hours then added it to Still not showing.

Interesting and frustrating, alright I’m not seeing anything myself in the version info you provided that leaps out, but let me run all those in your screenshot by and see if there are any known issues and what they recommend. is requesting verification of a couple things.

First, just because of the strange nature, they want to be sure whether you have more than one Schlage account and may be using credentials that do not access the account with the lock. Can you confirm? (I assume this is a no)

Next, they are curious if you are able to send commands through the Schlage app while only using mobile data. So disconnect the phone from wifi, then try sending the command just through cellular.

Hi Jason. Both were confirmed.

  1. Only have one Schlage account, which was created recently when I installed the front door lock.
  2. I am able to control the lock through the Schlage Home app while on mobile data only. I turned off WiFi on my phone and was able to lock\unlock the front door.

Thank you, I will follow up ASAP

Hi. Do we have any updates on this?

Nothing concrete yet. is requesting the Remote Device ID for that lock in the Schalge app as well as confirmation of the Schlage username. Can you provide those in a private message?

Still working on this with ADC. They need to investigate, I am uncertain how quickly their follow up will be but I will post updates here. informs me this should be resolved and that device should be visible.

Yes it is. Thanks ever so much.