Schlage door lock malfunction after battery swap

I have two Schlage door locks on my system (Qolsys IQPanel2) that have worked for several years. I recently had a low battery warning on one of them and replaced the 4 AAs. I left on a trip immediately after replacing the batteries and upon returning (about one week) I could not unlock that lock with my pin. I also discovered that I could not unlock it with the app. The Qolsys panel shows a “malfunction”, but I still get status info (the panel announces lock/unlock when I manually actuate the lock).
What is the right way to troubleshoot this?

Typically this trouble condition just indicates some signaling trouble, but in this case some data of the lock showing malfunction is not being reported in The first step I would try is actually removal and relearning that lock into the panel.

After following these steps to delete the lock and add it again, then run a network rediscovery, does it function properly?

Thanks Jason. How does it look now? I disconnected and reconnected the battery pack and then ran a few Z-wave network tests from the panel, and the lock appears to be functioning again. Does it look that way on your end?

The lock is still not showing manufacturer data and is reporting malfunction still. The removal and relearning steps above would be recommended.

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Done. Any change on your end?

That door lock now shows accurate data and no malfunction so it is looking good. Make sure to run a network rediscovery.

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