Schlage Deadbolt


Hoping somebody can help. I just purchased a Schlage BE469NXCAM619 Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt with Z-Wave Technology and Built-In Alarm. (

I am trying to add it to the panel. On the 2gig panel I go to services, zwave, wrench, enter installer mode, add device. On the lock the manual states to simply enter the 6 digit programming code --> 0 --> and the light will blink and turn green if successful or x if it was not. When I do this, the 2gig panel picks up a zwave device and stays at Device discovered for a while, then the lock blinks a red x and the panel returns to the previous menu.



Found this other thread stating it should work.

I went into the advanced toolbox for the zwave settings and under view all devices I see Secure keypad door locks, inclusion incomplete!


I was able to remove the device and re add it and it now shows up as a proper device. Next question on user codes, after I pair with the the local user codes are overwritten on the deadbolt. I changed the user pin on empower, locks, but nothing changes on the deadbolt.

Looks like I did not have the check box next to my user accounts. All problems solved.

Glad we could help. :wink:

Please keep us up to speed on if you have any other questions. The need to remove Z-wave devices before adding them is a common catching point. Very frustrating when they get inadvertently left on the test network. Posting a few videos that might be useful in next steps of using your lock.


Thank you for the prompt response and links. I do actually have one last question, do we know when ADC will support pins larger than 4 digits? I was trying to setup codes with an 8 digit count, but my dead bolt won’t go past 4. I looked into ADC and saw this under the user codes section:

“User Codes enable individual users to arm and disarm your security system. Check ‘Security Panel Access’ to give a user local access so they can arm/disarm through the system keypad. Uncheck it to remove local access temporarily - the code will still show on the website. (Note that user codes must be 4 digits. Codes 0000 and 0001 are not allowed.)”

Any help is appreciated!


Unfortunately, at the moment and 2GIG will only allow for 4 digit codes to be used for user codes at the panel as well as door locks. I’ve put a feature request to allow for a larger number of digits, but that’s all we can do for right now.