Schlage Connect deadbolt not working from

I set up a Schlage Connect deadbolt. It’s locking/unlocking fine from the IQ panel but won’t work in app. The app sees the lock but can’t figure out its status or lock/unlock.

So it looks like this device was just added today and it is the only Z-wave device.

I’m not seeing any errors indicating failure during pairing, but just to check, how far was it from the panel when learned in? How far away is it now?

I see the device unlock status being sent to ADC by the panel recently when it was changed locally. Are you still seeing this issue right now?

About 30’ when paired. I moved the panel about 5’ away and it still wasn’t working. It works at the IQ panel at 30’.

When was the last time you tried sending a command from the app to the lock?

Are you unable to actually send a command from the app, like the option is disabled? Or are you saying you are sending it but it just isn’t reaching the lock?

Are you sending individual lock commands? Or are you only sending scenes? (I’m only really seeing scenes in history)

Can you try sending just a lock command to the lock itself right now? I’d like to see the panel’s response in history.

The option is in

Looks like it’s functioning a little better today. Still seems slow to get status in