Schlage Connect Adding Codes Manually

I have two Schlage Connect BE469ZP locks that I have connected to my Qolsys IQ4. They are available on and I can add user codes for these locks. One thing that I did notice was that the original two default codes and one code that I had manually put into the locks via the programming code have disappeared. The only codes that I have that work were the ones that I input to the panel and in app.

Is this normal behavior for these locks? Also, can codes be added manually at the lock with the programming code?

Thanks in advance for anyone’s help.

Yes, this is normal as the codes are linked to programming slots in the lock and the user codes are overwritten as your master code in is user 1, and so on.

No you should not be adding codes manually at the lock, management through is recommended to make sure it all syncs properly.

Sounds Great! Thank you for helping me understand how these locks function. I do like the fact that all existing lock codes are managed through and I do not have to worry about what codes may have been placed into the lock otherwise. All is working well in my new house with this setup.