Schlage BE469ZP CEN 626 Zwave Lock

I have the above lock and was using it with an old 2GIG GC2 system on without any issues. I switched to Qolsys IQ4 panel and have been using Surety Home and since late 2021.

I was interested in upgrading another deadbolt lock in my house to Zwave when I noted on the webpage ( referenced by a Surety post for compatibility that: “Schlage BE469ZP. Only models manufactured in December 2019 or later.”

I think my model was manufactured in 9/2019 and I purchased it in 12/2019. I have not had any problems pairing, locking/unlocking with the IQ4, app, whether manually (lock knob or keypad, not tried key). It also appears to correctly report lock/unlock status on app.

Does anyone know or have any information on what issues I might have since my model was manufactured BEFORE 12/2019?

Thank you!

I believe affected locks typically have status reporting issues, but I could not confirm all effects.

The issue stems from the radio version in the lock not supporting later 700/800 series Z-wave radios I believe, so it is possible that some units prior to December have compatible hardware, but only those after December can be guaranteed to be supported. ADC cannot troubleshoot older units.

Ok, thank you for that information. I’ve never noticed any issues so I’m
going to assume mine appears to be working fine. Not that I would have
any choice at this point in time!