Schlage BE469 still doesn't work

According to the website, the Schlage BE469 manufactured after 4/21/2014 is supposed to be supported.

Originally, I had a Schlage BE469 with firmware 5.7 manufactured on 6/28/2013. The 2Gig system would see it as a door lock, but I could not disarm the alarm by unlocking the deadbolt.

So I went to the trouble of replacing the lock with a newer version. It has firmware version 6.8 with a date of 08/13/2014. Same story, the 2Gig system will see it as a door lock, but I can not disarm the alarm by unlocking the deadbolt with a user code.

My panel is at firmware 1.10. Is there any firmware update to the panel or lock that will allow the deadbolt to work 100% with the alarm system, like the website says it should?

Do any other automation rules that can be created for the lock work? Have you set up a rule to lock the door when you arm the system and see if that works? If the only thing failing to work is the automatic disarm rule, and it fails 100% of the time, this indicates different problems than all rules sometimes working.

I can manually lock and unlock the deadbolt via the app, website, and panel, so the system does communicate with the deadbolt. It also does show if the deadbolt is locked or unlocked.

I have a rule to lock the door 1 minute after system arms, and that does work.
I have another rule to disarm the system on door code unlock, which doesn’t work. I enter my code on the deadbolt keypad and it unlocks, but I still have to disarm the alarm via the panel. I’ve also tested a rule to unlock the door on system disarm, and that doesn’t seem to work either.

I think it’s important to note when I disarm the alarm, the logs show which user used their code to disarm the system. When I unlock the door via the deadbolt keypad, the logs just show the door was unlocked, not by any specific user.

The automatic disarm on door unlock via user code rule fails 100% of the time.

Thank you for the clarification, that’s perfect. I will contact and 2Gig and update this post.

I am aware of a number of issues regarding the compatibility of the Schlage lock sets with 2Gig and ADC. This is something that is a work-in-progress as I still understand it. One of the major hurdles is that Schlage hardware is designed and sold to function with their own Nexia control system. For 2Gig, it is a third party device, of course.

But, as I said, I am going to speak with ADC and 2Gig regarding this and see if it is something they are currently aware of and working on.