Schlage BE468 rule issue

I have a couple of these locks installed on two doors. Via ADC I can unlock and lock them. I also have two users (master and #2) set as lock users of both of these doors. I have enabled two rules (out of a few others) that should auto arm and disarm my 2gig panel upon locking and/or unlocking these locks.

At a minimum, unlocking a lock via PIN does NOT turn off the security system in the 30 second entry time. I really wish I could figure out why it won’t work, as I purchased these locks specifically for this purpose and automation of my home/business.

What version firmware are you running?

It could be an issue of Z-Wave mesh strength. If the signal cannot reach the 2GIG panel quickly enough, either due to interference or possibly a distance issue, the rule will not be triggered in time. How many Z-Wave devices do you have at the location, what is the distance between the locks and the panel, and is there anything obstructing the line of site from the panel to the locks (brick, metal, stone, wood, etc.)?


So far I just have an energy meter, and these two locks. The panel is on the second floor. The front door is almost directly underneath the panel at about 20’ through a wall and the floor. The second lock is outside on the garage, and is notably further (a couple walls and some flooring as the crow flies). The front door isn’t disabling I know that much… Should I maybe increase the entry time to see if that helps?? I’m trying to not allow a lot of time for entry for obvious reasons.

45 seconds didn’t help.
I am having a malfunction with the outside garage deadbolt. I’m going to add a light switch to the network and see if that helps extend the network better.

From your description of the Z-Wave network, I’d say it may be too weak to communicate properly. Especially if you’re getting a malfunction on the garage lock. The generally rule of thumb is to have at least 2 additional Z-wave repeating devices if you have locks to facilitate communication between the locks and the panel.

I have added a couple repeating outlets to my Zwave network. I seem to have no issue talking to those outlets (they are very quick to come up on the panels and function as one would hope). I don’t have an issue with my deadbolt any more in the garage as well. Although BOTH of my deadbolts are what I would consider slow to come up with a status on my 2gig screen.

I have re-entered two rules in to ADC. One to auto arm when the front door locks, and another to auto disarm when the code is entered on the front door deadbolt…

Neither happen.

But what does happen is when I lock the front door with ADC, the alarm does arm instantly. It’s like neither of these rules have been pushed to my control panel. How can I verify this, or what can I do to tell?? This is quite annoying and I have already spent a lot of time and now more money on the issue to try and resolve it. At least now I have my TS1 panel installed so I can disarm if need be without going to my main cpanel in a not so optimal location.
Thanks anyone who can help.

I have re-entered two rules in to ADC. One to auto arm when the front door locks, and another to auto disarm when the code is entered on the front door deadbolt…

Neither happen.

So…entering code @ deadbolt doesnt disarm, and panel doesn’t arm when you engage deadbolt?

That is correct.

But if I lock the front door with ADC app, the system arms itself according to the rule

Hmmm, I’m going to dig into this a little deeper today and see if I can come up with something. Stay tuned.

I just spoke with and they need a little more information about the device in order to troubleshoot properly.

On the back of the lock there will be a panel that you can take off just above the tumbler. On the inside of that panel there will be some information that they need.

I will need the product code, the firmware version, and the manufacture date.

Can you provide me with that information?

BE 468 5836010-002

Thanks for that info. I took a look at the event history this morning and it looks like the rules may be functioning correctly for you based on what I can see. Is this the case?

I just got a call from an ADC tech. Apparently, your issue is not unique. There is currently a number of communication issues between both the BE468 and BE469 Schlage Z-Wave Locks and the 2GIG panel. Both ADC and 2GIG are currently working on the bugs to resolve the issues as soon as possible. In the mean time, some of your rules may not work when triggered from the locks, which is what you’re currently experiencing.

I will continue to monitor the status of the fixes for communication issues and will update this thread whenever I get new information.

The rules are not being hit at all. What you saw was our manual interventions.

Yes, I have found out the same information on other forums. This has been going on for months apparently. Also, please thank ADC for NOT commenting on my ticket that is now a couple days old. I see our money isn’t going towards their Customer Service. Your yes, but not theirs it seems.

Luckily I have a few hundred dollars worth of locks that ADC themselves sell. It would be nice of them to inform their potential customers on their website that the Schlage locks don’t function properly with 2Gig, or possibly you guys should add that so others know what not to buy at this point. BTW the Schlage has the best security hardware out of the other two normal ones, and that’s why I purchased them. It’s an unfortunate loss to me that these locks don’t work and may not.

This is the issue at hand I suspect.

Zwave devices are third party, and always a pain regarding compatibility (its not ADC or 2GIG hardware).

Your locks are brand new (manufactured June 2014, to the zwave 3.2 version most likely). Manufactures usually release zwave gear to the current version (some do not, and some manufactures do not adhere to the zwave specs at all, and some are backwards compatible for all zwave versions).

Schlage is one of those. They like to make their locks work with their own interface (Nexia). So what happens is ADC/2GIG have to play catch up with every new hardware release (especially Schlage), and that usually happens with new firmware releases. 2GIG currently uses zwave 2.78 version.

I suspect your zwave devices/locks will require a firmware update.

I love Schlage, but I don’t use the zwave locks at all. If you are gonna go with Schlage it is best to go with “supported” ones. That means those manufactured in 2012/2013 or earlier. They must support zwave version 2.78, and/or have support for the locks added to the panel.

In your case, the ADC empower/zwave commands work, but locally the panel can’t properly communicate when lock is engaged, or disengaged insofar as arming/disarming goes.

Thus…firmware update is required to resolve the compatibility issue(s).

And if you are wondering why 2GIG hasn’t updated the supported zwave firmware from 2.78 to 3.2. I haven’t a clue…

The solution is simple…

Wait for a firmware update for your locks, (and have SuretyCAM send 2GIG a support ticket regarding the new Schlage zwave locks), or return them and get compatible/supported Schlage locks (like the Camelot).

Dont count on 2GIG adding the Schlage support for the locks till 2015 though.