Schlage BE369 and Schlage FE599NX

I have one of each of these locks. They have both been learned in to my 2gig system and the codes work, they disable the alarm, etc etc. However, there is a difference between them in the ADC interface that I’m wondering if it’s normal and if not what I should be checking…

The FE599 shows up with an unlock button that I can use and the status shows up correctly, no issue.
The BE369 on the other hand only shows the correct status if the lock is locked or unlocked from the keypad, and not manually from the inside. It also has no “unlock” option shown in the ADC interface. Should it?

Thank you for your assistance.

It looks like the BE369 has a “Turn Lock” feature that needs to be disabled. If you look at the very bottom of page 2 on this link it explains the Turn Lock feature. It’s possible that yours is enabled, which would prevent from being able to unlock the door.

I’m not sure how that would change things. All that does is allow me to hit the “Schlage” button on the outside to lock the door rather than need to enter a passcode to lock. I’ve always had that enabled for ease-of-use and when I was on the Nexia site (before ADC) I could still unlock from there. However, if you think that might have something to do with it, I’ll change the setting when I get home and see if it makes a difference. After I change the setting do I need to remove and relearn it in to the panel?

EDIT: Made a quick trip home and changed the setting, no change in ADC… Then relearned… Still no change in ADC. I did lose the battery status on that lock when I relearned, it was there before! What is interesting though is that I am able to unlock/lock from the panel, the option just doesn’t appear in ADC.

2nd EDIT: Argh. Now in the ADC interface that lock has changed to unknown status (and I got a malfunction e-mail) even though on the panel I’m getting everything ok, can unlock it, etc.


Last update, I promise. Removed and relearned it again. No more malfunction, now have battery percentage in ADC, but still no ability to unlock from there. Maybe that’s just not supported with the BE369 even though it is possible from the panel?

I’ll have to check on that, I didn’t think there was any kind of limitation but I’ll look into it to be certain.

I will say that ADC and the BE369 don’t get along well overall. Very regularly, ADC shows the lock as unlocked but when I go and look at the panel, it shows locked (and the lock is locked). It appears to happen this way when the manual turn on the lock is used. The panel appears to get updated but the update isn’t propagated to ADC. I’m not sure why that happens, but it is very consistent.

FYI – Here’s a screenshot of my ADC Lock Page missing the “Unlock” button.

If the panel reports status, but its not reflected on ADC, that may indicate you have communication issues.

This may be rather problematic If say you have an alarm event and signal isn’t received timely (or at all) with ADC due to intermittent drops.

May sure cell isn’t roaming and that you are not running a 2G cell module. Check cell signal strength (ideally you want 15/31 or higher)

I originally thought communications issue, but I don’t think it’s that. I am running a 3G CDMA module (Verizon) and the signal strength is routinely 21-23 although I’ve seen it as high as 25 and as low as 19. If I arm/disarm the system, send an unlock, turn on a light or whatever else from the ADC interface it is quickly reflected and I haven’t had to deal with retries or anything like that.

As far as the things you listed:

  1. Everything reflects correctly except for the 1 lock
  2. Never had the issue
  3. Alarm activation occurred once and I was immediately contacted by CS
  4. Commands are usually quick. Will have to do some more experimentation with this one though.

@Jay The mystery may be solved, although this is a far from authoritative source. Take a look at If you scroll down to the locks, the BE369 is the only one listed with an * which indicates: “*Does not support remote locking/unlocking.” I have no idea why this is, since I can unlock from the panel, but it appears to be the case (although I haven’t found it mentioned anywhere else). Just FYI - I COULD remote lock/unlock it when I was using Nexia/Schlage Link.

In addition, the Revolv website offers these lovely tidbits: *Since the Schlage BE369 is not motorized, the Revolv App will not lock or unlock the deadbolt for you. You must manually turn the knob to lock or unlock the door. We advise against creating a GeoSense Action to unlock the BE369 because the App can’t report the state of this lock.

*When the Schlage BE369 is manually unlocked with a key, the lock/unlock status is not correctly represented in the Revolv App. A lock command will not lock the door and the state will display as “locked.” This is a well-documented problem found with the BE369 on all Z-wave controllers.

*Schlage deadbolt entry sets can only be locked or unlocked by the Revolv App when the key is in the locked position.
If a Schlage lock is set to manual key unlock override, then it’s status is not reported to Revolv via Z-wave. This is a well-documented problem found with these locks on all Z-wave controllers.

So, overall, looks like I went the wrong way with that lock purchase as it really only minimally integrates. Luckily, it is not on a heavily used door.

Now, I promise I’ll go away and stop monopolizing the conversation on the board.

That is excellent information! Thank you very much for posting that.