Schedules did not run after firmware update

I had my GC2 panels firmware updated and it did so this morning.

None of my schedules ran in the evening.

I think in the past it needed a 24 hour cycle?

I think in the past it needed a 24 hour cycle?

To clarify, are you saying in the past you noticed your schedules failed after firmware update then worked a day later without intervention?

Depending on the update and firmware versions involved there may be upgrades/changes to Z-wave command processing. If you notice that schedules are not activating again this evening, it would be good to go in and re-save them, or we can push a rebuild for all rules (this would affect event triggered rules as well)

Can you please elaborate on “go-in and re-save them”?

In order to “re-save” a schedule, you will need to make a change to it in order for the Save button to be active. This can be done by going in to the schedule, making a temporary change, saving, then changing it back to how you want it, then save again. This would be done for each schedule you wish to re-sync.

Wow, that’s a lot of work. As you can see, I have a lot of rules and schedules and neither were working last night.

Hopefully it starts working tonight.

I went in and made a change, saved, and changed back and saved for every single rule and schedule.

Rules and schedules are still not working. Please initiate a rebuild

I changed from 1.9 to I believe 1.9.3 as I keep my system pretty current.

I also rebooted the panel already

I’ve requested a rebuild command sent and it looks like all the various commands have gone through at this time. You will notice your panel reboot at the end of it, (if it hasn’t already).

Try activating rules later and let us know if this resolves the issue you are seeing!

If not, could you let us know which rules/schedules in particular fail, if some do and some don’t.

It all seems to be working now. Thanks