Schedules changed on app?

When we be able to edit schedules in the app, instead of having to go to the website?

Happy to look into this for you. Are you referring to thermostat schedules? Video recording schedules?

I would say it is unlikely that certain elements make their way into the app. Elements with a large amount of detail like recording/hvac schedules are not very easily compressed into an App. The app is designed as a portal to make quick overall changes on the fly. Pausing/resuming schedules. Arming/Disarming the system. Locking/unlocking the door.

The detailed configuration for these things is not conducive to a smartphone app. I do think editing a thermostat schedule may be a valuable addition to the app however, as it might be something that is more likely to need changed on the fly.

You actually can adjust thermostat schedules in the app, you simply need the mode to be on. Unfortunately, (on android at least), the schedules button is hidden when off.

I can’t speak for Dexter but if he’s referring to changing “empower rules” that would be very nice to have in the app. For some odd reason mine failed to execute at sunset yesterday, if I had to check and edit them a lot this would become a PITA because I hardly ever use my laptop! That aside, the rules ran correctly to shut both the switches off at the correct time, it’s the first time I’ve had an issue with them. Really strange!!

There is a known issue regarding sunset rule activation. It is an intermittent issue regarding the time-change. Please post any observations here.

When you change rules on the website portal, it changes settings that you do not want to change. (it defaults to a setting you may not want)

For example, if you change the start time, ADC changes the end time. If you are not paying attention, your rules get messed up.

Please recommend to ADC that when you go in and edit rules, that it should only change the portion of the rule you are changing. Not anything else within the rule.

And yes, it would be nice if you could change schedules and rules from the app as well as the web portal

For example, if you change the start time, ADC changes the end time. If you are not paying attention, your rules get messed up.

We do not see this behavior occurring on a test account. Can you describe the exact type of rule where you see this occurring?

Which internet browser are you using to edit the rules you are referring to?

create a rule. Might want to do a seperate schedule as well to test both.

“On at 6PM then Off at 1 AM”

Save it

Go in and edit it and change the 6PM to 8 PM"

The 1AM shut off time changes when I do that on my end

Following those suggestions, we are not seeing the end time change in any way when editing a start time, or after saving the edit and going back into the rule to check.

Which browser are you using?

Firefox version 42.0

Thank you. Does the end time change in a pattern? Or randomly? If you adjust the start time by 2 hours, does the end time get adjusted by 2 hours?

I just did it. I think the easiest way to show you this is to share a screen. Maybe with

it is not random. It is consistent. Once I go to edit and change the start time, the end time immediately changes to 30 minutes after the new start time

I took a video on my iphone of it changing and sent it to your customer service email

Thank you. Was under the impression you were referring to scheduled rules, ““On at 6PM then Off at 1 AM” meaning the lighting automation would turn lights on at 6 and off at 1.

In this case you are referring to hours of effect, when a rule can occur based on a different trigger like sensor activity.

Yes, can confirm in this case the exact behavior you describe when setting up hours when a triggered rule would be active. This is being forwarded to It probably should not function that way, no.

I am not understanding your reply.

Its pretty simple.

When you change the on time, the off time should remain the same unless you change it.

It is changing to 30 minutes after the on time when you change the on time and you have a video of it.

Not clear if this is what you are trying to say in your above reply.

Clarification: Yes. We can confirm that behavior when setting a period of time when an event triggered rule is active. Your suggestion is being forwarded to

The original statement was taken to mean scheduled automation, specifically, setting a light to come on at a specific time or turn off at a specific time. “Scheduled automation” time selection is not affected.

The way the “During This Time Frame” functions likely influenced the decision to automatically adjust the time.

The selection drop down cycles through a 24 hour period. Each time you select a different start time, a completely new set of end time options is generated, meaning your previously selected end time could be no longer a choice on the list, so it is defaulted every time. This is due to hours “before” your selected start time being designated specifically as “Next Day”