Schalge Lock Intermittent notification from ADC

I have the Schlage Z-wave Lock with the manual deadbold. Its the generation before the current one.

I have read posts about people having problems with this lock with ADC and I have been working with ADC for about a year on this. They tell me its a protocol issue.

The lock disarms my panel 95% of the time with a rule set in place.

I have a rule to notify me when the lock is unlocked so I know when people get home. It only does this 50% of the time and is set to notify me via gmail (have also tried via text)

I have a hard time believing this is a “protocol” issue because when I go to the ADC login website, it shows that it receives notification of the door unlocking in the log almost 100% of the time.

ADC’s customer service is horrible on this and I have to get threatening to get them to respond and they keep blaming all this other stuff when I feel it is their system not notifying me as they receive the signal as indicated by the log.

I try to set a rule to notify me when the panel is disarmed, but that does not work because I think the only way to do that is to have someone disarm the panel by entereing a code on the panel and not on the lock.

Any insight would be appreciated

Can you tell me the model number of the lock, the manufacture date, and the firmware version for the device? There should be a sticker somewhere on the device, that would have all of that information.

Took the lock apart and found a sticker. It only had the model number and serial number. The model number is be369

It was purchased in April of 2012

The Schlage BE 369, (as well as another model) have a number of inconsistency issues. As far as I understand it, firmware may fix the issue, but as of yet most zwave controllers will have issues with this model as status commands are not effectively communicated. It doesn’t sound like explained where the breakdown was occurring, but as I understand, it is between both the lock and the controller, and the controller and In addition, any manual operation of the lock will not update status on the controller and will immediately cause problems. I can speak with 2GIG regarding the issue to see if fixes are in the works.

I would be so appreciative if you could check with 2Gig for a fix for this

I spoke with both 2GIG and ADC this morning. 2GIG wasn’t much help concerning the BE369, their basic answer was sometimes those models work and sometimes they don’t. They couldn’t provide me with any information regarding a fix for that lock to make them work 100%.

I also spoke with ADC about the issue, just to cover all of my bases. The tech I spoke with sent out some commands to reinitialize and sync up your rules again. He did notice the same thing you did, in that the status of the lock was changing but no notification was being sent out. I would try the lock again and see if the commands the tech sent out improved the situation at all.

wow. Thank you. This kind of service is making me consider switching my alarm montoring to you. I will be in touch

I am really impressed with SuretyDIY but not with ADC or 2Gig on this issue. They always love to pass the blame to the other company when you call them. This issue has been going on for a year with me and I have tons of communication with ADC not being able to figure this out.The have that Schlage lock as an approved lock and I bought it because of that. They should take some accountability here and make it a priority to fix. It should not take a year. (on a side note, they still have not fixed the error on rules created where you have a light come on during the PM of one day and turn off in the AM the next day. For example turn on at 7PM and off at 2 AM).

I changed the notification to alert me when the alarm panel is disarmed. Its not the best solution, because I just want it to alert me for certain users so I dont get all these alerts and really only for when the door unlocks in the garage…

It works nearly 100% of the time. So this story that there is an issue with the Schlage lock communicating does not seem to logically make sense because when I unlock the Schlage lock with the code, it disarms the panel 100% of the time. If there was a communication issue, I would think there would be problems in disarming the panel.

As a side note, the lock notification still is not working even after they sent the “updates” to me.