Scene support with ADC?

I would like to know how to support scenes with I currently have all of my switches at home on z-wave and have no way of setting/turning on/off various lights without manually going to each switch to turn off/on/adjust.

i bought this scene controller (Leviton VRCS4-M0Z) but cannot seem to get it to work/control my lighting :

The scenes feature has not been released yet. It’s being developed and should be released some time this year, hopefully sooner rather than later. If you search this forum for “scenes” you’ll find my constant ranting and whining about not having scenes yet. Here’s an example.

I think the Leviton scene controller should work but you would have to make it the master controller and then add your 2GIG panel as a sub controller. Here are steps on doing that with a Vera z-wave controller. You would need to replace steps 1 & 3 which refer to Vera with equivalent steps for your Leviton controller.

Oh yeah, and you would have to remove your z-wave devices from the 2GIG panel and learn then into the Leviton controller since it’s the master. Then when you add the 2GIG panel as a sub controller of the Leviton controller it will inherit the master’s z-wave devices so they’ll show up in 2GIG as new devices… and you’ll lose any existing z-wave programming you’ve already done in the process. Sorry.