Scene Controller and 2Gig panel

Anyone know how to program a scene controller into the panel? Or is scene controllers not supported. I did not see anything in the manual detailing how to assign the buttons to the panels scenes.

I purchased this device:

The panel sees it as a scene controller under the controllers section.


The 2GIG panel is missing any associate function if that is required, and it does not manage sub-controllers. If the 2GIG panel is in a 2-controller network, it needs to be the secondary controller. In this circumstance I believe a Vera or other dedicated Zwave primary controller would be required to assign scenes to those buttons.

Sounds good, I have a Neeo Remote coming once they ship from kickstarter that I was planning on making secondary but may make it primary now that I know this. Will ADC empower still work if the controller is Secondary?

Yes, the good news is as long as the primary controller properly sends the node info to the 2GIG panel during the pair process, 2GIG will still relay this to ADC and anything compatible with your 2GIG panel will be controllable remotely. I can verify the process with Vera.