Same power supply for 2GIG Go!Control & TS1?

Do you know if it is possible to power both a GoControl and a TS1 panel in a daisy-chain configuration off the same transformer? My old system powered both of its keypads from the alarm control board on a 12V circuit, so there is existing wiring feeding the locations of my two 2Gig panels from the old control board site that I am hoping to reuse.

You can power them off the same transformer but you will probably need to get a larger transformer than the 14VDC 1700mA transformer that comes with the 2GIG panel. They will both work off 12VDC - 14VDC but together they might draw more current than one 1700mA transformer can deliver when the system is in alarm and both the sirens and cell module are active, especially if you have any wired sirens or sensors being powered. I’ll ask around and see if anyone has tried it.

Are the keypad wires daisy chained in the wall or are they both home run to the old control panel and daisy chained there? If they’re daisy chained at the old control panel then just split them and use 2 transformers. If they’re daisy chained in the wall then I’d get a bigger power supply.

If you have to get a bigger power supply keep in mind that the GoControl panel stops working correctly when you get much lower than 12VDC. That’s why they use a 14VDC power supply to allow for some voltage drop along the wire. If you have to use a 12V power supply then it will have to be over a short and/or thicker wire. The best thing to do is measure the voltage with a multimeter at the control panel end and make sure it’s still near 12V. If I remember correctly it needs to be about 11.7V or higher. Try to use a 13-14VDC power supply if possible but I have successfully powered 2GIG panels off 12VDC many times, just made sure the wire wasn’t too long. The TS1 can work as low as 9VDC.

It’s probably obvious but the official word from 2GIG would be no, don’t do it. If you do it, you’re doing it at your own risk.