Running 2gig alarm off car battery?

I’m looking to put an alarm on a structure that doesn’t have electrical power. Has anyone used a 2Gig alarm panel before by running it off a car battery (or deep cycle battery)? The GC3 looks like it accepts 14V DC power, would a 12V battery work? Then I’m thinking a solar panel to recharge the battery.

If anyone has the specs on the voltage requirements, that would be great.

The 2GIG Panel runs off of a minimum of around 12VDC I believe.

Please note that the 2GIG Panel is designed and intended for use in a controlled indoor environment, powered via a 14VDC 1.7a plug-in transformer. I would very strongly discourage trying to use it in a way not recommended by the manufacturer.

Beyond the electrical requirements, the type of structure material, the temperature, humidity, etc., that the panel will encounter will affect its lifespan and ability to function.