Runaway Camera notifications

Did anyone else have a million camera analytic notifications come thru today? It looks like the cameras didn’t pause when the alarm was disarmed. Arming and disarming fixed the issue. It’s happened more than once.

yes, this happened to me too. Its happened before a few times. Exact issue and arming/disarming fixes it.

@Eaglesionu I am not seeing a Surety subscription for you here, do you use Surety as your service provider through a different account?

It sounds likely that the panel arming status in was just not synced properly at that time if arming and disarming resolves it, but you would need to have your service provider cross reference the times when you got notifications you didn’t expect.

Also it is important to identify if it occurs with all cameras, or a subset of specific cameras. In many instances for IP device overrides based on alarm system statuses, ADC is sending commands to the IP device which pause the action if it is processed on-board. If the problem persists I recommend having your provider work with ADC to see if any IP based commands are being dropped.