Rule not working as expected.

I have a rule setup that disarms the alarm system when the front door is unlocked using the keypad. This rule works fine, it’s the notification rule that’s working oddly.

I’m wanting to be notified when the alarm is disarmed by the the keypad, online or mobile app. The problem is, I’m getting notifications even when the system is not armed. It seems it’s reporting when a disarm signal is sent rather than when the system is actually disarmed. I’ve recreated the rule and it’s not resolved.

Are you receiving disarm notifications specifically? It looks like there may also be lock specific notifications set up to be sent whenever ot is unlocked.

These are found on the lock page itself.

Yes. The push message specifically tells me the “Panel was Disarmed” even though it was not armed to begin with. I do have a Lock Notification rule, but it’s only for Tampered (Failed Access) notifications.

Interesting, I haven’t heard of this, and it’s a pretty common rule. We’ll test this on our systems and verify with ADC if this is somehow to be expected. I don’t see how this would be normal operating procedure.

Thanks Jason. If it helps, I did have an identical rule with my previous provider and it worked as expected, however this was before I upgraded the firmware of the control panel. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it, but thought any additional information might help.

I have had ADC attempt to send a few commands to clear the issue. Can you test and report?

If not it may be a good idea to clear not only the rule, but the notification itself and re-add it.

I deleted both the security rule and the notification and recreated them. Unfortunately it’s still doing the same thing. It’s also showing up in my events.

I’m home today with the kids when usually everybody would be gone. I think there’s a problem where something thinks the system is armed when it’s not. The Geo-Services I have setup to drop the temperature also is acting like the system is armed. Even though I manually set the heat last night because I knew we would be home, when my wife left this morning, the Geo-Services turned the temperature down to 62 even though the thermostat override is only supposed to be when the system is armed away.

That wouldn’t be the case. In fact I have tested it here and get the same result. This is how it will function when you check the “Web/Mobile?Unspecified User” box in the notification creation screen. Basically the disarm command triggered by the lock is still reported as a standard disarm to ADC by the 2Gig panel.

As for the Away Override, it looks like the temperature was changed based on schedule, not override, as it is set to the same degree point weekday mornings.

Okay. I guess something has changed in the firmware then since the rule used to not function that way. No big deal. I’m glad we figured it out.

You are correct on the schedule, however, last night I changed the thermostats from schedule to manual heat at 70 degrees as I knew we would be home today. I noticed it started getting cold in the house before noon. I checked ADC and the thermostats are still on manual heat, but the temperature was set to 62 degrees. So I’m not sure how the temperature was turned down since the schedule was turned off and according to what I’m reading, the schedule has to be enabled for any overrides to function. I see in my events where I set the temperature to 70 degrees yesterday and again today around noon when I found out. Nothing in events as to why it changed to 62 degrees.