Rule disable alarm via User code at door


I setup my alarm to disable when a correct user code unlocks the door. The rules worked for years, and then stopped working after we changed the zwave door look. I am able to control the new look from the alarm panel, and the rules to auto lock the door when armed work perfect, but the entering the user code in the door will not disarm the alarm panel. Any ideas on what might cause this?

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If the new lock is working and the code works to lock/unlock the door, you will want to delete the Disable Alarm rule and then re-add the rule. This will sync the rule with the new lock. After deleting and re-adding the rule, any change?

Hi Tyler,

I’ve tried that and it hasn’t worked. I think I may have found the issue though. Under users for some reason its showing the user codes have not synced to the door. I selected the option to sync, and its been over 10 minutes and still shows sync pending. Have you seen this before?

How far away was the lock when it was learned into the panel? The lock should be within 6 feet of the panel during the learning process to ensure a complete successful pairing.

This proximity rule must be followed or issues can creep up later.

Likewise you’ll want to run a Network Rediscovery at your panel after the lock is added and everything is back in its permanent spot.

What model lock is it?

Its the Kwikset 910 lock. The unit is less than 5 feet from the panel.

Should I remove the lock and reinstall on ADC?

You will want to remove and re-add the lock. The panel and lock should be within six feet of one another during the pairing process. Once paired, leave the two near one another for about five minutes to ensure secure enrollment is completed. Then once the devices are back in their installation points, you will want to run a Z-Wave network rediscovery. Any Change?

Back in business. Thank you.

I ended up removing the lock from the network, factory resetting the lock and then re adding the lock back. Once completed I was able to sync the user codes.