Rule and Schedules Issue

Hi Folks,

I’ve recreated some rules and schedules I had setup before I migrated away from my old reseller I don’t seem to have them working. Any ideas what I did wrong?


Which rules specifically are not working? I see a couple that are dependent on the time of day, sunset.

Keep in mind, when creating rules the trigger will have to change the status of the device before it can trigger the second function.

Ex. If the trigger is panel disarm command happens then turn on Z-Wave light, the panel will need to be armed first when the disarm command is performed. The status needs to change in the first part before the second part will happen

Hi Tyler, exactly, like the “disarm alarm on front door unlock” rule doesn’t work.

The “Turn on upstairs lamp” doesn’t seem to be working.

The “Turn on downstairs fan light” isn’t turning on the z-wave switch at sunset.

I had these working before so not sure what I’m missing. I bought the gold plan but do I need to add anything else?

Thanks in advance,


The rules were created to fire as described and all features necessary to the process were enabled.

Out of curiosity, when did you create the rules based on Sunset? If the rules are saved close to the sunset time, they may not fire until the next sunset.

I have sent commands to re-sync your Z-Wave devices as well as commands to rebuild your Automation Rules. Let us know if the sunset based rules do not fire as expected tonight.

Regarding the “disarm alarm on front door unlock” with the panel armed, does this rule now work as intended when unlocking the lock?

Sorry for the delay, been slammed at work. Not sure on the timing on creating the rules. The automatic lights seem to be working, but still having an issue with the deadbolt not unarming the alarm.

Also noticed that the entry and exit timers were reset when you guys took over. Not a big deal but caused a false alarm.


It looks like you actually have a low battery report on the lock in question. Lower battery levels can affect signaling and device wake up. Can you try swapping the batteries on the lock and then re-save the disarm rule? Any changes?

Also noticed that the entry and exit timers were reset when you guys took over. Not a big deal but caused a false alarm.

Apologies for any confusion. Yes, on 2GIG Panels when we send a programming template to reset the installer code and make sure programming is unlocked for the user, it sets recommended defaults for the global delay timers. If you already have custom timers you can switch them back as needed.

We will work on improving the panel specific info provided to users for 2GIG activation to avoid this in the future. Thank you for your feedback!