The RS232 isn’t currently enabled, but does anyone know what commands will be offered when it is? I sure hope they make it available soon. I’m surprised we’re still on 1.0 firmware.

There is no standard RS232 port on the GC3, so not sure about that. Unless 2GIG is planning on using an RS232 to USB adapter and plugging it into the top of the panel, but that seems unlikely, and the interior is pretty cramped physically.

Did 2GIG announce this as a future add-on at some point in prior marketing?

It’s already on the system and labeled as such (position 9 & 10). At training in Chicago, I asked about it and they weren’t sure on timing. Check page 30 of the Installation & Programming guide. It says that it isn’t currently enabled.

Ah, silly. Yeah they do have the secondary terminal block pins, completely forgot the pinout.

I haven’t myself spoken to 2GIG regarding this yet, but I imagine there is no ETA. (I doubt they could confirm if first firmware would include support)

I’m betting on firmware in the fall, but I have not heard specifically from 2GIG.

Here’s how I do all my installs.

Very nice! That should make further add-ons a breeze.

Thanks! I hope they let us actually use RS-232!