Root Login for ADC-V722W

I have a camera that’s all mine now and want to use it with my blueiris software. anyone know what the username and password is for this camera? ADC-V722W

any help would be appreciated.

thank you.

We cannot provide root credentials as these are set by ADC upon connecting and direct access through 3rd party software is not intended with ADC firmware cameras.

That said, other users have reported trying to do so in the past. This thread may have relevant info for you.

That’s disappointing, for someone who has paid for their equipment in way of contract and wants to use their cameras outside of the ADC world.

disturbing even. video cameras use proprietary software (as do many end services) to provide optimal security and integration.

The cameras are typically based on existing models, and per the thread linked, users have attempted methods of gaining access to their cam should they wish to no longer use ADC.