RF Jam?

For the past two mornings my panel has reported an error-RF Jam. What is this?

Just to help narrow down the issue, has this error been consistent for the past two days or has it been intermittent or limited to a certain time-frame? Does it resolve itself for periods of time?

Just in the morning on each day. I think just 1 time each day.

Environmental reason for RF interference are rare, but a few possibilities are:

  1. Satellite Dishes
  2. CB Radios
  3. Close proximity to Airport

The RF Jam error means that something is actively sending a 345mhz radio frequency signal that your 2gig receiver is catching, possibly interrupting sensor communication.

How long have you had this system installed at the current location?

2 years and the first RF error was yesterday.

If you feel it’s just interference then you could disable Q65 RF jam causes trouble, but keep in mind the reason that feature is there is to detect when someone is trying to jam your system. If you disable it then you lose the jam detection security feature.

Q-65 Select RF jam causes trouble (0-1)
DEFAULT: Disabled (0)
The system can monitor the Control Panel’s sensor
receiver and detect whether a transmitter is stuck
on the air causing jamming. When jam detect is
enabled, the Control Panel will indicate a trouble
condition if RF jamming is detected.
NOTE: This programming question only
functions if trouble reports are enabled
with programming question Q‐50.
• The default (0) disables RF jam detection.
• To turn on RF jam detection, select enabled (1).