Reusing old DSC sensors

I recently bought a house that had a pretty elaborate ATD security system in place with DSC sensors on all doors and windows and I moved over to Surety because I was told that I could repurpose those but avoid the high monitoring costs. I have the Qolsys IQ4 up and running but it is not detecting the DSC sensors. The two sensor types at the house are listed below. I tried replacing all batteries but the IQ4 still does not detect the sensor. Anything I’m missing?

Those DSC sensors are 433 Mhz devices.

The IQ Panel 2+ and IQ Panel 4 come in three variants with either 319.5, 345, and 433 Mhz support.

You would need a 433 Mhz version of the panel for out of the box compatibility with 433 Mhz sensors. Records indicate you purchased the 319.5 mhz version.

The 433 Mhz version of the IQ Panel 4 is not actually available yet, it’s the last to be released and it hasn’t been released by Qolsys yet as far as I am aware. It should be available soon however.

Another option is to use a wireless translator, like the RE524X, to translate the 433 sensors into 319.5 mhz

Is it too late to return the panel I have and hold off to get the one that works with all of the equipment I already own?

Items can be returned within 30 days of purchase only if equipment is still in full working order with no visible damage or wear and tear and is returned complete, in the undamaged original packaging.

Our return policy can be found here: General Policies - Surety

Has the system been programmed and installed/mounted?

Yes—It’s up and running. I installed it probably in early December. I had no idea that it would not work with my DSC sensors since they were listed on this forum under compatible devices. What (if any) sensors would work with my system? I’m wondering if it is more cost effective to buy a new panel or new sensors (there are abut 20 of them at the house already installed).

The most cost effective option would be to use a translator to use the existing sensors. Replacing 20 sensors or panel would be pricey by comparison.

Got it. Do I need to look out for other devices that won’t work? For example, was planning on getting a smoke detector for the system. Is there a list of devices you sell that are compatible with my specific panel?

The compatibility list is the best thing to reference. Your panel is compatible with devices found in the 319 and PowerG sections.

(One caveat, the FF345 is incorrectly listed under the 319 section in some lists. The FF345 is a 345 sensor, not compatible with your panel)

You can use our store filters to only choose from compatible devices with your panel. Use this link to visit our store with those filters pre-selected.