Response Time to Alarms?

Do you have any information on response time to alarms with suretyDIY? Can any existing clients comment how it compares to the response time of other companies they have used?

Central Station calls/2way voice is usually within 30 seconds or so.

Response times vary for alarms, and is entirely up to your local jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions give low response priority to unverified alarms, and some jurisdictions will not respond at all if alarms are unverified.

Some jurisdictions will not respond if your system isn’t on file with a permit/registration.

Contact local jurisdiction for home alarm response time and policies regarding panics, fire, and verified, unverified intrusion dispatch events.

Our emergency response call times are on average extremely fast and a big bragging point for us.

  • suretyCAM Panic/Medical Alarm average response time: 7 seconds
  • suretyCAM Fire Alarm average response time: 8 seconds
  • suretyCAM Intrusion Alarm average response time: 12 seconds

Of course you have to keep in mind that we measure response time from the time we receive the signal, not when your alarm sends it, so if your cellular signalling is weak it will slow things down. Use dual path (with Qolsys WIFI or a 2GIG Go!Bridge) to fix that problem. 2-way voice slows things down a bit due to the way it’s designed. If you use 2-way voice then the response times may be 5 to 10 seconds slower.