Reset Linear Switch to Re-Pair with 2GIG

Do you guys know how to reset Linear Z-Wave switches that have been previously paired with a Go!Control Panel? Have several of these and I swapped out my panel and I can’t get them to pair because they think they are still part of the old z-wave mesh network.

One of the models I have is the: WS15Z-1

I also have a minimote


Did you reset controller/remove all zwave devices from old panel?

3. The little wrench in the corner. (You will need your installer code)
4. Remove Devices
5. Perform the steps to “learn” the device into the control panel.
6. You should see a message pop up on the screen that says “A device has been removed from another network.”
7. Once all of your Z-Wave devices are removed from the old network, you will be able to add them to the new network you’re setting up.
8. After you’ve added all the devices to the new network, run a Network Rediscovery.

Rive is absolutely correct. Thanks! It’s an often overlooked step, removing a device before adding it, but often you even need to do this with z-wave items straight out of the box as many are still “on” the network they were tested with by the manufacturer.

For more directions and explanations of Zwave equipment installation see the post found here.