reset an armed 2GIG-CP21 control panel

I recently purchased a home with a 2GIG-CP21 security control panel. I accidently armed the device but do not have the disarm code. If I sign up for the monthly DIY basic monthly service, will suretyDYI be able to reset the control panel and disarm it?

is it a branded panel like a Vivint?

you can try removing the cell module if there is one, and disarming with the user 8 code. almost every one uses the same default…2580. you can also try the default master user code 1111

there is no brand name on the control panel. and neither the 2580 nor 1111 disarm the device

try a reset

power down panel, boot back up holding in both home and emergency buttons. select only “console”

if successful, Master code will be 1111, and installer code will be 1561

2GIG support stated you couldn’t once the panel is armed, but I just tested to confirm, if your panel does not have its reset locked out you should be able to follow the directions in the previous post to default the master code to 1111. The panel will boot up in the armed state, but you can then disarm with 1111. The video below shows the process as well.

Riven, Jason,

Thanks for the info. I will attempt the power down/reboot to see if it works. Hopefully it will and I won’t have to try additional codes to disarm the panel. Will post the results for this test later after I get some chores done around the house.

Following the instructions in the video, it worked like a charm. I added a second user (not the master user) and was able to get the system disarmed. Thank you so much. :slight_smile: