Repush zwave rules

Could you please re-push the Z wave rules on my account to my system? A bunch of them stopped working

We can definitely assist, however, when did you notice them stop? Is it intermittent at all? Will one not work then later does work?

Are certain devices affected but others work fine still?

I have a ton of devices with a ton of rules so this seems to happen every few months. I usually don’t notice for a while (e.g. porch light stops turning on at night). They usually don’t come back on their own (sometimes I pause and then resume them on the site and that tends to fix it). Right now it’s my “lights off on system arm away” rule - all the lights on it stopped turning off

If it is one or two rules it is much better to turn off the rule, wait for about 10 minutes, then turn back on. Does this resolve the issue? If not you may want to delete and recreate.

Keep in mind ADC re-sending rules on the back-end will resend and have an effect on all rules, so if specific rules are not working it is much better to single them out.