Reporting a success with a Zooz z-wave remote and IQ panel 4

I recently bought the “ZOOZ Z-WAVE PLUS 700 SERIES REMOTE SWITCH ZEN34” to see if I could use it to remotely control one of my in-wall dimmer switches.

I am happy to report that it successfully paired with the IQ panel 4 and works as intended! I got the warning that it wasn’t an officially supported device, but after that, I’ve had no major issues. Pairing is just a little bit tricky because you have to follow the instructions in the guide to forcibly “wake” the remote for the pairing process. It spends most of its time in “hibernation” otherwise, since it’s a battery device.

I was able to associate both groups (Group 2 is on/off and Group 3 is dimming) in the associations settings page of the panel, and both work as designed to remotely control an UltraPro (Jasco) in-wall dimmer switch with no lag. I haven’t had a button press fail once.

The only minor issue I have is that, since it’s a battery-powered device, reports an error around the clock as “this device is unable to send signals to your security panel. Automation rules and commands to control this device may not work.” This is to be expected, as the device hibernates between uses and is not responding to the status pings that the panel sends out (I think that’s how it works…). However, in practice, it instantly reconnects to the panel upon pressing a button on the remote and my lights react instantly, whether just toggling on and off or holding to dim.

Next up, I’m going to try buying some Zooz in-wall switches since they can be had for about 30% less than the Jasco ones.

I use some the the in wall switches from them all work great with iq2 and iq4