Replacing Sensors

I am in the process of replacing one type of sensor with another and was wondering if it is OK to simply edit the existing sensors information via installer toolbox with the new sensors info or do I need to delete/remove and start over?

If the answer is to delete/remove, please advise on how to accomplish because I have not come across that option.

Thanks in advance…

You can just edit it, no need to delete.

Are you changing the function/behavior of the sensor or just the model of the sensor? For example, are you changing it from a door contact to a smoke detector or just changing it from a 2GIG door contact to a Honeywell door contact? If you’re changing the behavior it might take some time before notices the change but it will work fine on the 2GIG end right away. If doesn’t reflect the change on it’s own you can ask your provider (hopefully us) to sync it for you.

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Thanks Ryan…I’m just swapping out one model of sensor for another.

In that case all you really need to change in programming is the sensor serial number. You can change the equipment code if you want but it serves no purpose other than documentation.