Replacing module question

I am replacing a module on a 2gig go control. There are 2 dolly metal posts which attach to secure the cell module. The posts have threads on both sides, one side connects the attaching post to the board the other is to attach and secure the cell module, and while unscrewing the old module the screw post unthreaded from the board from the back side. Any advice?

I don’t recall that happening to me personally before, but my first thought is that you might be able to get away with just one of those spacers. What really matters is the actual connections at the other end of the cell module that plug into the main board. I think the spacers at the bottom and just to hold the cell module in place, I don’t think they matter electrically. Does the cell module feel secure enough with the plug at the top and just one spacer at the bottom? Or does it feel like it would wobble while mounted on the wall. Be careful about pushing when you attach the antenna if there is only 1 spacer for support.

Did the piece that fell off fall down into the control panel? If so, don’t power the panel back up until you’ve removed that loose piece or it could accidentally cause a short and fry the control panel.

P.S. if you can take a pic of the problem and attach it to your post that might help.